Cecile Madonna


Cecile believes that good design can change the world. With her enthusiasm for learning new techniques, love for illustrations, and a great eye for design, we know she can help with that mission. Cecile was born with the skill and art of hand lettering in her blood. And she’s usually thinking three steps ahead, giving her the gift to be agile with the ever-changing landscape for advertising and design.


This gluten intolerant gluten lover is also an essential oil aficionado and Beyoncé lover. Cecile is very creative, and happiest when she’s hand lettering quotes from her favorite Netflix series. One day, Cecile plans to write a book called, “Cecile Madonna and Her Quest for the Darkest, Thickest Beer known to Man,” about her quest to find the darkest, thickest beer known to man. She’s passionate about brands that are honest and trustworthy, and is the go-to person for anyone selling really big sandwiches, rice cakes, or Fleetwood Mac albums.