Our team is made up of marketing strategists, graphic designers, writers, project managers, and advertising specialists. We’ve also got foodies, trivia enthusiasts, coffee drinkers, and road trippers. We focus on craftsmanship and pay attention to the details in order to make every interaction with your brand count.

Emily Dorr

Owner, Creative Director

Chris Vandergrift

Director of Communication & Production

Jules Bauer

Graphic Designer

Amanda Boroughs

Marketing Operations Manager

Eve Butt

Senior Marketing Strategist

Patrick Heinbaugh

Senior Graphic Designer

Katie Lomax

Copywriting Specialist

Terri miner

Executive Administrator

Hilary Papuchis

Sales Specialist

Laura Rennie

Maryland Road Trips Editorial Manager

Devyn Shank

Graphic Designer

Zac Smith

WordPress Web and Digital Designer

Kevin Spillman

Digital and Social Marketing Specialist