Chris Vandergrift


With a background in consulting, a mind for production, and a penchant for creative strategy, Chris believes meaningful communication is at the heart of bringing any project successfully to fruition. At every phase of service, Chris’s objective is to ensure our clients are heard, our creative team is empowered, and our deliverables meet the high standard of excellence for which Postern is known. No matter the project, his ability to cast vision and anticipate barriers makes Chris the ideal advocate for our clients and creative team alike.


Chris is your average mountain man/spicy food lover who can eat his own weight in pizza. Most weekends, Chris can be found exploring the great outdoors with his thick and curly-haired son, or envying his son for his thick and curly hair. Chris doesn’t fall for gimmicky brands or flashy deals. He’s a brand loyalist, so once you reel him in, he’s yours. Anyone selling nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips, backpacking gear, or mass quantities of peanut butter should contact Chris immediately.