We ❤️ new website launches and we ❤️ The Asian American Center of Frederick too!

The Asian American Center of Frederick is a minority-led organization committed to enhancing, empowering, and enriching the lives of immigrants and minorities within our community. Their invaluable services are essential for the well-being of our community, spanning crucial areas such as access to healthcare, early childhood education, workforce development, citizenship and integration assistance, language instruction, social services navigation, and emergency financial assistance.

We recently helped build a new website for the Asian American Center of Frederick which helps them better connect and serve the community. Usability was a high priority given the vast demographics of the website users, many of which English is not their primary language. We had to balance making the site easy to navigate and not over complicating content on each page.

Our process was made much more fulfilling knowing we were supporting such an impactful organization.